How To Make A Kandi Hair Bow

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How To Make A Kandi Hair Bow

If you want an unconventional look for your hair bow, this tutorial may be for you. Here we will learn how to make a Kandi hair bow that stands out from every other hair bow in the room. And don’t worry, I promise it will not be that difficult to make it.

What You Need To Make A Kandi Hair Bow

  • 27 pony beads, with 7 of them for the inside for 20 of them for the outside
  • Hair clip
  • Some elastic strings. I use a 0.5 mm string, but it can be almost anything.
  • Scissors

Steps To Make A Kandi Hair Bow

Form the bow skeleton

To create the Kandi bow skeleton, alternate the string through 2 beads and 1 bead, as shown in the pictures above.

This will form the foundation of a peyote stitch.

Do row 2 of the bow skeleton

Here we will start on row 2 of the Kandi skeleton.

Tie a normal square knot, and loop through the very last bead that you strung on.

Next, we will add new beads and thread the string through the row we already have, in order to secure them together.

Do row 3 of the skeleton bow

To create the 3rd row of the Kandi hair bow, add a new bead, and put the string through the last bead that you strung on. Keep doing this until you have reached the end of the row.

Create the top points of the Kandi bow

Now it’s time to create the points. For this row we’ll only string on 2 beads at a time. Another thing to do is we want to hide the string by stringing it through the 5 bids in the middle, prior to adding the 2nd bead in this row.

Create the bottom points of the Kandi bow

Now, it’s time to loop the string to the bottom of the bow, and slide it through the last bead (the one outside). Repeat the same steps as what you did for the top points.

Attach the hair clip

With the whole bottom points completed, it’s now time to attach the hair clip. Do this by tying the excess string at 3 points on the hair clip: 2 of them at the bigger end, and 1 around the pointed end.

Make sure the ties are all secured.

The completed Kandi hair bow

And here is your finished Kandi bow, ready to be worn! Congratulations on the new look!

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Credit: Ginger Cand-e for the images and ideas used in this post.

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