How To Make Lollipop Hair Clips

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How To Make Lollipop Hair Clips

This tutorial will show you how to make lollipop hair clips the easy way. You little ones will absolutely love this!

What do you need to make a lollipop hair clip?

  • 3/8-inch grosgrain ribbons of 3 colors: green, pink and yellow.
  • 1 extra piece of ribbon
  • Alligator clip to be used as the stick for the lollipop.
  • 3/8″ white ribbon.
  • A small strip of green ribbon for the lolly pop and the bow.
  • Hot glue gun.

Step By Step Instructions

First, cut the 3/8″ grosgrain ribbons into 3 pieces, each 22″ long.

Next, lay the 3 pieces of ribbon onto each other, making sure that they line up properly.

Then fold them in half, and start at the folded end, roll it in a circle until all the ribbon has been used up. This will form a lollipop.

Cut off the excess ends of the ribbons.

Use the extra piece of ribbon to wrap around the lollipop circle we just created. Glue it to the lollipop as you do that.

Now, attach the 3/8″ white ribbon to the top of the alligator clip with some hot glue. Then glue the candy piece to the top of the white ribbon (which is now attached to the alligator clip).

Next, we will create a simple bow to go with the lollipop. We’ll start out similar to how we do a boutique bow, but we’ll only have 2 loops. Simply create 2 loops in the opposite directions and glue the ribbon in the middle to form a bow.

Once you are done with the simple bow, it’s time to attach it to the top of the white ribbon, right below the candy piece.

And there you have it, a lollipop hair bow that is pretty simple to make, but also very colorful and unique at the same time!

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Credit: sunshiine for the images and ideas used in this post.

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