How To Make Pinwheel Bows

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How To Make Pinwheel Bows

How about a pink pinwheel bow to go with your little girl’s new dress? In this tutorial we’ll show you how to make pinwheel bows with just minutes of your time.

What’s Needed To Make Pinwheel Bows?

Here are what you will need:

  • Some grosgrain ribbon
  • A hair clip
  • 24 gauge floral wire (or an embroidery floss or a fishing line)
  • A hot glue gun

Step To Make Pinwheel Hair Bows


First, cut your grosgrain ribbon to the desired length. Here I use a 1.5-inch ribbon and cut it to get a 23-inch strip. But you can use any size of ribbon.

Then fold the grosgrain ribbon strip to form a long tail at the front, as shown above.

Now fold the long tail up and inside, while holding the previous loop firmly in place, as shown.

Then fold the ribbon down at the front to form a 2nd loop.

Again, fold the ribbon up and inward.

Next, use your fingers to pinch the bow right in the middle to form a little crease.

Now, with one hand holding the creased bow in the center, tighten your floral wire around the middle of the bow.


If you want to make a stacked bow out of this pinwheel bow, it may be a good idea to handsew the layers together.

Turn the bow over, and adjust it so that the loops are more or less even.

Next, cut the bow’s tails to the shape of your liking. Here I used a triangle cut.

Use a lighter to seal the ends of the ribbon so that they won’t fray.

Now we’ll make a center knot for this bow.

Use a ribbon with a smaller width (here I used a 7/8 inch ribbon). Cut a long enough strip.

Next, form a loop as shown above.

Once the loop is completed, pull the ribbon’s end to form a knot.

You may want to adjust the ribbon tails to give them that smooth finishing look. Try to minimize the wrinkles and creases near the knot.

Slide your favorite hair clip in place. In this example I used an alligator clip, but you can use any.

Next, take out your glue gun and place some glue in the middle of the bow, and attach the knot to the bow there (making sure the 2 tails of the center ribbon cover the hair clip).

Then secure the 2 tails on the hair clip with hot glue. Trim the 2 tails and heat seal them with your lighter.


There you have it, a beautiful looking pinwheel bow that can make any little girl happy!

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Credit: alittlemoore for the images and ideas used in this post.

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