How To Start A Hair Bow Business The Right Way

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How To Start A Hair Bow Business The Right Way

Do you consider yourself having fun making hair bows and thinking of generating income through this enjoyable hobby? If your answer is yes then there is a good future waiting for you in this field and you may find yourself fulfilled in a not so distant future.

The fact that every little girl surely has one or two hair bows assures that there is a big market in this niche. The next important question is “How do you start?”

You might also been thinking about the amount of time, money and effort to invest on this business venture. You may have tried researching the internet about this niche but the world-wide-web simply offers you tons and tons of information until you found yourself drowning with too much details and then lost.

The good news is we have selected some very simple and easy to follow tips for beginners and almost everyone who is interested to start learning this task can easily follow. Read on and you may find yourself ready to start your very own hair bow business.

10 Important Things to Know When Starting A Hair Bow Business


If you are thinking where to get materials to start hair bow making and price or budget is always on top of the priority, remember that a very good and trusted supplier is what/who you need.

Always bear in mind that all businesses have suppliers too and you will need one for sure most especially if you are planning to really make it big and anticipate that you will need to order in bulk in the future.

You may search the internet for top suppliers but never forget that the supplier you need should be the one you can trust in terms of deliverability of supplies, quality of products, shipping services and of course the prices they offer together with the discounts available.

One example of this is HairBow Center which offers a very wide array of related products and materials which will give you wider options to choose from.

The supplier should also be consistent in delivering the same quality of the product which you will re-order several times in the future.

Hair bow templates

If you are going to make hair bows as a new found hobby or to start a business remember that you will need to have the same quality of product to produce and this can only be achieved through having a pattern which will set the standard sizes of the bows you will have to create.

Consistency is a must and you must always keep that in mind. Other than that, using a hair bow template will save you a lot of time, effort and money. No Bow No Go is one of the leading sellers of these templates.

Hair Bow Instructions

After completing all the basic materials you need like the patterns/templates and of course your supplier, it’s time you get familiar with the new bow types and learn how to do it yourself.

Being always the first to know what’s latest is a must in any kind of business. Again you will need to check the internet and look for tutorials, most of them have videos showing actual bow making where you can easily learn as you watch.

There are a lot of bow making instructions which you would want to invest on and buy while there are also a lot which you can get for free, you just have to be patient surfing the net to find what you’re really looking for.

Internet Marketing

Undeniably, any business minded person wants to put their business online simply because selling online will give them a very wide and big market. For as long as you are visible on the world-wide-web your products are also seen by the people around the globe and this means greater opportunity for sales and profit.

But you will have to understand the basics of Internet Marketing before you can fully penetrate. Know that simply putting up a website is not all, you may have a website all designed and well-presented but as long as you are not getting the kind traffic that you need then no profit will be on hand.

Though there are a lot of professionals who offer SEO services you must also consider the budget and if it will be worth it if you are just starting the business. You may try to consider having your product/s visible on Ebay or Amazon.

Starting your own website

In starting your own website we recommend that you try those hosts offering really low payment for a start. They even offer templates for website design where you can choose the best for your line of business, you can even customize the look and feel of your online store.

I recommend that you search and study how you can take advantage of Google Ads, it will help you a lot in driving the right traffic to your online store. Again, Ebay and Amazon are helpful for online sellers.

Local Business Marketing

For any business minded person, it is always sure to start the business locally. I also recommend you do the same thing as this would give you an idea of what and how exactly the business would go. Through this you may also asses and be familiar and most importantly be sensitive with the needs of your prospective customers.

By starting the business locally, you may want to check prospective partners like stores which sell products related to what you are selling and offer them good commissions if they carry or display your products in their stores.

Through this you will save space and rent as you will no longer need to put up your own local stores to places where you think it would be appropriate.

You may also want to try talking to stores within school premises and offer them the same deal with store owners. You may even get to know whether they have events, programs or school projects which would involve having your products and offer to supply them at the whole sale price.

You might also like to know and list down community events and look for chances where you can offer/sell your merchandise.

Social Networks

Social Networking has been the trend in the past five years and there’s nothing more wonderful than to take advantage of its popularity and use it as one of the powerful tools in promoting your business and products.

Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and the rest now have millions of users, if you don’t have an account to one of these yet then it’s time to create one. Just like in Facebook, you can create a page for your business and showcase your products there. It’s like advertising your business for free and the more people added to your circle or network the more exposure your product gets.

You can also post status or announcement where you can throw more information about what’s new on your business and every single person who’s interested will automatically be converted as your prospective clients. Remember that we cannot underestimate the power “word of mouth.”


Word Press and Blogger are two of the most popular blog sites where you can post blogs about your business and product line. You also have the freedom to customize the look and feel of your blog page depending on what you think is appropriate for your line of business. Places or portals like these are commonly free so you don’t need to worry about your budget.

Remember that your blogs should contain interesting facts about your merchandise and you can also add photos and videos so that you can attract more readership and viewership.

Increasing the popularity of your blog site will also help you drive traffic to your business’ official website, and if you are lucky enough you won’t even need an official website to make a sale. Sometimes, once the customer is convinced they will order right away.

Always make sure that you include links to your website and all the important details your shoppers need to know like your email address and your contact details.


Once you started receiving orders, whether it is online or locally, you might need an electronic scale and a Ship Rush for shipping the orders. Through this you will easily get customer information right through their email.

As you research about this you will find out some other helpful things you can do with this program and will surely save you time, effort and money.

Financial Software

Perhaps the most vital part in running a business is how you handle the finances. Many business owners have failed and declared bankruptcy simply because of a small negligence in this aspect. Even if you are only starting a small business, it is highly recommended that you monitor the finances very strictly.

To be organized is the key and you just have to be very patient and give enough attention to even the smallest details in this department. This is a challenging role especially if you don’t have any background in accounting.

Good news is you can simply use a software and install it in your personal computer like QuickBooks, this will be enough to keep track on your expenses and profit. You may also consider contacting consultants for some assistance.

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